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D3's Competition Team is an award winning and nationally ranked program competing in genres such as jazz, lyrical/contemporary, hip hop, and tap along with training in more! Members train between 2-3 days a week with an average of 2 hours on weekdays and 3+ hours on Saturdays which may also include additional technique classes.


Audition Process:

Dancers must complete the entire audition process to be considered for evaluation and placement. Dancers ages 5-17 may audition with  a minimum of 2 years of dance experience *unless cleared by director*. Students will receive an audition schedule initially based upon age/general experience. From there dancers will learn combinations and complete a technique/ballet evaluation to be casted in various routines of different genres or to class changes if needed.

Competition Team Prep Classes:

Joining a competition team for the first or transfering to a new team is always an adjustment. Both the dancer and parent has to learn the in's and out's of D3 competition program to not only be a successful dancer but also a great team member. Competition prep classes allow dancers to try classes at the competitive/advanced level as a way to prepare for auditions and to begin adjusting to their potentially new team. Dancers must either attend prep classes or schedule a private lesson(s) prior to auditions. 

Competition Team Prep Classes are $10 per student/per class. 

Competition Schedule:

D3 attends between 4-5 regional competitions per season along with a national competition during the summer. Dancers are expected/required to attend all competitions.

Awards & Accolades:

D3 has receives numerous overall, choreography, entertainment, and studio awards within a single season. Our dancers and staff work extremely hard together to ensure that each dancer feels accountable and contributes to the overall team's success. For pictures and post follow one of our social media pages via Instagram or Facebook.

Class schedule and availability can be found by  clicking tab in registration form.

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