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Our D3 DANCE SUMMER CAMP is a great daytime camp for children ages 4-14 who love to dance! Our dance camp provides classes for various ages and levels along with exposing dancers to various styles of dance. Along with being a fun summer camp, campers get to participate in daily activities and field trips.


  • Camp Fee: $135 a week

    • ($125 for students enrolled in classes)

    • $80/day drop in rate

  • Full Camp Day Time: 9:00am-3:00pm

  • Camp Days: Monday-Thursday

  • *RSVPs are made weekly.


Summer Camp Weeks:

Week #1 - June 10-13

Week #2 - June 17-20

Week #3 - June 24-27

Week #4 - July 8-11

Week #5 - July 22-25

Week #6 - July 29 - Aug 1st

Summer Camp Registration Opens April 1st, 2024

Summer Class Registration Opens April 16th, 2024

Dance Intensive & Competition Team Audition Registration Opens - May 20th, 2024

Daily Schedule:

9:00am-9:45am - Drop Off/Morning Social & Activity


9:45am-10:30am - Activity #1


10:30am-11:00am- Bathroom & Snack Break


11:00am-11:45am - Dance Class #1

11:45am-12:30pm - Dance Class #2


12:30pm-2:00pm - Lunch & Movie


2:00pm-2:45pm - Activity #2/Dance Class #3


2:45pm-3:00pm - Dismissal


D3's Dance Summer Camp is a 4 day summer camp which includes dance, gymnastics, and activities. Camp will consist of dancers ages 4-12. There is no experience required for summer camp as groups will be divided by age & experience. Below are some FAQ's about our dance camp. 

What Time Is Camp?:

  • 9:00am-3:00pm

  • Monday-Thursday


Who Will Camp Staff Be?:

Each week of camp will consist of a lead camp staff member with additional staff members teaching and assisting throughout. Camp staff info will be found on the dry erase board in the lobby each week.


What Will Dancers Do at Camp?:

Dancers will have themed activities along with dance classes all throughout the day at camp.


What Should Students Bring?:

Students will need:

  • Face Mask

  • 2 Snacks

  • 1 Lunch 

  • A blanket & pillow

  • Dance bag

    • Change of clothes for emergency

    • Any dance shoes & clean sneakers/tennis shoes (no flip flops or sandals)

What Do Students Wear To Dance Camp:

Students should wear comfortable athletic clothing. There is no dress code for summer camp as long as dancers are dressed appropriately. We recommend having a leotard in your child's dance bag for gymnastics since they will be going upside down. Keep in mind dancers will also be participating in arts & crafts.


When Will We Receive Field Trip Info?:

Field trip info will be sent by Wednesday morning including info such as location/activity, method of transportation, time frame, and more. 


What Should I Pack For Lunch: Campers must have a NUT FREE prepared lunch.  They will not be able to open or consume food items that have nuts to protect campers with nut allergies.

  • Snack - Dancers can bring anything for a snack as long as it does not contain peanuts or peanut butter. Dancers should bring at least 2 snacks as we will have breaks throughout the day.

  • Lunch - 

    • We recommend not sending large containers of items that need to stay refrigerated as we may not be able to accommodate the space.

    • Dancers can bring anything for a lunch as long as it does not contain peanuts or peanut butter.

    • If you are dropping off lunch please let a staff member know during drop off. If you are having food delivered please let us know so that we can expect a delivery driver. We ask that parents make drop off and delivery accommodations to fit our scheduled lunch time. 

    • Parents should pack utensils and napkins in their dancer's lunch box. 

    • We have a mini refrigerator and a microwave available at the studio. Refrigerator space may be limited based on camp size for the day/week

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