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Tuition and Fees

(Fall 2022 Fees)

Annual Registration Fee:

$35 for new students

$25 for returning students

Multi-Class Discount Available

1st Class Style - 0% off

2nd Class Style - 50% off

3rd Class Style - 60% off

4th Class Style - 70% off

Additional Fees:

NSF Fee - $35

Late Fee - $15

Additional Info:

  • All tuition fees are monthly

  • Tuition is due on the 1st of each month.

  • Tuition is considered late after the 5th of each month.

  • Students are unable to attend class if tuition is not received by the 10th.

  • Tuition is paid electronically through our D3 DANCE app.

  • D3 reserves the right to dismiss any student/family at any time due to misconduct, non-payment, or consecutive absences.

  • Tuition and additional fees are non-refundable.

For more additional details on our tuition and class policy download the D3 app to view the studio handbook.

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